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Not My Generation


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Underwhelmed by American political media? Looking for a better source of news and information entertainingly delivered by two professors and political scientists who are complete nerds on opposite sides of the political spectrum? Not My Generation is the pod for you!

Not My Generation explores social and political issues at a state, national, and international level from the viewpoints of the millennial generation (Dr. Stacey) and Gen X (Prof. Davenport). We analyze current events, advances in political science, state government, and so much more!

Professor James Davenport was appointed Associate Dean for Social Sciences at Rose State College in August of 2021. He has served as a professor of political science at Rose State since 2014 and earned tenure in 2019. James brings a wealth of practical experience in government, media, public opinion research, and small business ownership to his classes. These experiences have shaped how he approaches teaching and have contributed to his earning the Rose State College “Excellence in Teaching Award” as well as being a two-time recipient of the Oklahoma Political Science “Teacher of the Year Award.” James is sought after by local, state, & amp; national journalists for his insights on political issues and has published commentaries in a variety of publications. He is a past president of the Oklahoma Political Science Association and in the fall of 2023 launched the Center for Civic Engagement.

Dr. Emily Stacey is a Political Science professor and Program Coordinator for Political Science at Rose State College. Dr. Stacey has the privilege of coordinating events, including the Great Debate panel series, Liberal Arts and Sciences colloquia, and the Political Science book club. She has participated in the Digital Methods Initiative at the University of Amsterdam (2013) and Oxford University’s Internet Institute Summer Doctoral Program (2014).  Emily has published multiple works thus far including, Nationalism, Social Movements, and Activism in Contemporary Society was published in 2018, and analyzes the rising tide of nationalist politics around the world, with emphasis on U.S. politics (the rise of the Tea Party, election of Donald Trump and juxtaposing that against the Black Lives Matter movement). Emily’s most recent work (forthcoming, 2023) focuses on deglobalization and the shifting world order. You can follow Emily on Twitter at: @politikphd


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Not My Generation
James Davenport & Emily Stacey
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