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the divorced life


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hosted by stephanie marie laswell
I never want anyone to feel as though they are navigating divorce alone or that life is now over. The Divorced Life is to provide hope, resources and a sense of community. To share insights and tips from everyday folks on how they got through the dark days of divorce and turned it into something beautiful!

Stephanie Marie Laswell is the proud mom of five children, one with the gift of autism. I enjoy making memories and establishing traditions with my tribe. I enjoy meaningful conversation while connecting with others over yummy local food and drinks. My family of origin moved to OK in 1982 and we haven’t left since! Exploring our great state and supporting local businesses is one of my favorite pastimes. I thrive on living a holistic and nutritarian lifestyle. You can find me in the gym pumping iron, punching a boxing bag or dancing the night away on Saturday nights! I am a huge advocate for healing through counseling and personal growth with a life coach or mentor. This life is not meant to be lived figuring it out alone. Please reach out any time if you ever feel alone.


 the divorced life

  with your host, stephanie marie laswell

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