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The Uncut Chronicles


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Welcome to The Uncut chronicles. Join Krystle and Andy where they discuss culture, trending topics, and shit ya mammy probably don’t need to hear. If you’re looking for raw conversations with some laughs and real talk, subscribe and tune in every Friday @ noon CST. Be sure to follow @theuncutchroniclespodcast on Instagram to Keep up with updates and new episodes!

Master-mind visionary behind The Unconventional Black Hottie, a dynamic community and brand that focuses on captivating a worldwide network where unconventional black women are celebrated and amplified. What started as an influential page on TikTok blossomed into a creative force to share her passion about promoting self-love, empowerment, and inclusivity.  With a talent for storytelling and building community. Andy helps the unconventional black community navigate the world and everyday life with resources, community and confidence. Empowering the unconventional collective through dialogue in an inclusive space!

Instagram: @andeee3000

Krystle N. Robinson-Hershey is a passionate creator impacting her community and abroad with her savvy business tact and distinct leadership abilities. Krystle has been a beacon of knowledge leading corporate teams, both locally and regionally; in education, business development and mental health. She received both, an undergraduate and graduate degree from HBCU Langston University. Krystle is no stranger to making huge waves in her community. As an advocate for positive self-care practices coupled with mental health, Krystle transformed her career trajectory; developing Sage & Elm Apothecary. Sage & Elm Apothecary launched in 2018 as a natural health and beauty provider. Since its conception, Sage & Elm Apothecary has increased  sales to over 400%. The brand was spotted in So6 Magazine, Business Spotlight and received press coverage from FOX 25 new station. Krystle relies on her deep cultural roots and expertise as the formula to success. She has managed to take her natural gifts and professional expertise to better serve those around her. While Krystle blaze her career, she also thrives as a supportive mother and community volunteer.



Uncut Chronicles Art - ORANGE.jpeg
The Uncut Chronicles
Krystle and Andy
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